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SINCE 1996

Pollo Real
























In 1996, Pollo Real was the first certified organic poultry farm in the United States, making Pollo Real New Mexico’s premier pastured poultry producers for the past twenty years. Currently featuring: Heritage Turkey, Gourmet French Label Rouge and American Chicken.


Tom Delehanty, owner of Pollo Real, is a sixth-generation farmer from Wisconson . At his farm in Socorro, New Mexico, Tom created a simple, yet effective grazing method in which chickens and turkeys are moved on a daily basis in portable shelters, shown below, through fields planted with chicory, millet, wheatgrass, and wild perennial plants. In addition the birds' diets are supplemented with wholesome non-GMO grains. The fresh air, sunshine and fresh greens in the diet produce the most flavorful birds available anywhere in the world.



Cornish Cross Chickens

The Cornish Cross breed is the poultry industry standard, but can be adapted to life on pasture. These birds grow quickly and are harvested at a younger age than the Label Rouge. They are especially prized for their large breast and overall meatiness of the bird.

 French Label Rouge Chicken

Raised according to strict Label Rouge Standards, these birds are slow-growing and well suited to outdoor production. Because they spend longer periods on the pasture, the meat on these birds develops a richer and more complex taste with firmer texture and flavor than their Cornish Cross cousins.

New Mexico Bred Heritage Turkey

Domesticated- Wild

Heritage turkeys have been bred in the United States for over 300 years. Tom's family have bred and raised these birds on their farm for 150 years. These birds have been raised on Tom's farm, in New Mexico, for 20 years. Recently,the focus at the farm has been on Spanish Black and Standard Brown breeds.


Pastured Pigs

Tom grew up breeding, raising, and farrowing pigs. He has now included them on his farm at Pollo Real. They are Heritage pigs, and are pastured on open-pollinated 1900 Minnesota seed corn along with the native perennial plants. Pollo Real will start selling Heritage Pork in the 2016 season.



Pollo Real sells at the Santa Fe Farmers Market every week on Saturdays from 8AM-1PM

Products at the Market*

Whole Chickens/Turkeys

Leg Quarters

Boneless/Bone-in Skin on Breasts


Livers, Hearts, and Gizzards


Chicken/Turkey Bone Broth

* All products are subject to availability.





Greater Care Means Better Taste


At Pollo Real, chickens are harvested right on the farm. This eliminates long-distance hauling, so there is no undue stress or injury to the birds. Our chickens are hand processed at each step in our USDA exempt processing facility on the farm. This means the birds are inspected with our process ensuring you a SAFE and flavorful bird.










The Pollo Real method takes more time, more work and more expense, but we're sure you'll agree, it's all worth it. We hope that you enjoy the outstanding flavor and overall superior quality of our fresh and tender field-grazed chicken.





Tom Delehanty
Pollo Real Pastured Poultry
108 Hope Farm Rd
Socorro, NM 87801
505-550-3123 E-Mail: polloreal@q.com Email is typically the best way to contact Pollo Real
Tom also runs the Pollo Real booth at the Santa Fe Farmer’s market every week on Saturday if you want to catch him there. Consulting
Tom is available and willing to do consulting work and speak at conferences related to the areas of raising and selling pastured poultry. Tom has shared his experiences with Universities, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Extension Services, National & Local Farm Conferences, and consults for numerous farmers & other organizations. POLLO REAL's knowledge include: breeding flocks of line bred meat chickens; heritage turkeys & ducks; incubating & hatching; brooding & field production; portable shelters; organic grain operation & sprouting grains; processing, composting, packaging, distributing & marketing. Consulting is available in all these areas. **Tom will be presenting at the 2016 Nevada Small Farm Conference on February 5th and 6th Please contact him regarding services offered, availability, and fees.